Sunday, February 22, 2009

Language learning on the rise!

Here is an uplifting article from the Miami Herald titled, "A bilingual future: More parents are sending their kids to language classes". Could it be that attitudes are changing right before our eyes?

''When I started in 1973, teaching language was a home thing. You did it to maintain culture,'' says Lourdes Rovira, former director of bilingual programs of Miami-Dade Public Schools. "Now parents are looking at it as an essential skill in a global economy. It's been taken out of the family tradition and become an economic decision.''

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Brian Barker said...

Apparently President Barack Obama wants everyone to learn a foreign language?

The British learn French, the Australians study Japanese and the Americans prefer Spanish. Yet this leaves Mandarin Chinese and Arabic out of the equation
Why not teach a common neutral non-national language, in all countries, in all schools, worldwide?

An interesting video can be seen at and a glimpse of the global language Esperanto can be seen at